Prepping to Get the Best SAT Score in Each Section

Prepping to Get the Best SAT Score in Each Section

When applying to the college of your choice, you know they are going to be looking for a good score on all sections of your SAT. Math, reading, writing, English, science, and an academic essay are what subjects you are highly likely to see on the national examination. When the schools see high scoring on in your results, they are going to pick you when admissions compare you with a candidate with a lower score. Your best decision is to search a website for and study practice questions that are found online and prepare yourself to land in the higher percentile average to get the spot at your desired university.

Focusing on The Score for Your SAT Essay

The SAT writing essay may be the most difficult part of finishing the test for some people and the hardest area to get a good score. In just 50 minutes, students are required to read a short passage, understand it, and then write a fully prepared essay containing all the requirement pieces that are found in the testing guide. The board then reviews the essay and gives it a score it based on the terms set forth by the testing program. All students get tested following the same general requirements across each school.

It is up to you to know what to expect before you ever sit down and look at the content. Consider, in most instances, the SAT is going to contain and require the same kind of essays. By getting a sense of what to expect, you are on your way to better score.

Achieve the best score by following these basic steps:

  • Read the SAT question thoroughly
  • Analyze what is being asked
  • Make a plan of action
  • Practice what you are going to write
  • Write a rough draft
  • Revise what has been written
  • Re-write for clarity and neatness
  • Submit your final draft

Read the Question First

Have a clear idea of what is being asked of you in the SAT question before trying to read through the provided passage. That way, you can be thinking about what your stance is going to be while you are also gathering details. It will save you a lot of time and improve your score.

Don’t Form an Opinion Right Away

If you try to take a side before reading the passage, you might not be able to make the most educated response, lowering your score. You will try to find areas that stick out to support your opinion rather than collecting all the pertinent information.

Start the SAT Essay by Making a Clear Point

What these means as that no matter what topic the article is about, you want to make your opinion known on it from the very beginning. That is how those that help grade the SAT tests can better scale how closely you are understanding the question bumping up your score.

Answer the Question

It’s often too easy to go off and write about what you want to, rather than answering the question they have asked. To get the best SAT score, you must answer exactly what is being asked of you.

Keep Yourself Organized

The idea behind the best SAT essay is one that follows the academic essay guidelines without having to lay them out. You can see what those are here. When completing your writing, your ideas should flow from one to the next in order. Don’t jump around too much because you will lose the tester checking your paper.

Here is a basic of what should be included:

  • Introduction with a clear thesis
  • Body paragraph
  • Body paragraph
  • Body paragraph
  • Conclusion restating main ideas and wrapping up any loose ends

Your SAT paper is going to most likely be longer than this with many more body paragraphs. To really stand out against some of the others and to bump up your score, make sure that your report is longer than just one page.

Use Facts to Back Up Your Opinion

Regardless of the stance you have decided to take, you have to be able to back it up with relatable information. Try to focus on the biggest points and leave the secondary information out.

Make Sure Your Facts Are Real

Don’t make up details to try and make your essay sound better than what it is. As long as what you have included is the truth, the way that you interpret that information is completely up to you. You cannot be given a lower score for having a different opinion than someone else.

Don’t Stray from the Topic

Stay in line with what the SAT question is asking. Use the information found within the passage to effectively answer what is written on the top of the paper to get the best score.

Keep it Professional

This essay is going to be read by people who specialize in reading SAT reports. You want to make it readable, but don’t get too informal with what is marked down. The more formal the writing, the more intelligent it is going to sound.

Know Your Persuasive Techniques

Most SAT questions are going to want you to be able to pick out why the author has decided to form the opinion that they have. Part of the exam will ask which persuasive techniques they used to try and sway you to think the same way. Know what they are to get a better score.

The easiest way to prepare for an upcoming SAT is to see what an example SAT paper looks like. You can find a plethora of samples online for free with a good score, or you can request to have one written for you for a decent price from a professional essay writing company. By discovering what the most popular preparation techniques are, you are on your way to getting the perfect SAT score you are aiming for.